Backpacking camp (Beginner)

Canceled due to COVID restrictions. We will run this camp next year!

Enjoy the outdoors with great friends!

Designed specifically for the novice, this camp is a great introduction to the vast wilderness in our area, while having a ton of fun with friends! We’ll start off in a campground so that we can get the basics of backpacking under our belts, and then we’ll put it to the test with a gorgeous hike and sleeping out in the wilderness. It’s a great adventure, and paced so that everyone can join in the fun! You definitely won’t want to miss it!

This camp is designed to be safe, as well. It is completely outdoors, decreasing transmissibility. We will be sleeping outside at a campsite. Each camper has their own tent, unless they want to share with a same-sex sibling. We will use a small-group pod system, where the whole group is only 10 people. Participants and family are screened before coming in, to ensure that the new “bubble” starts out and stays safe. For more extensive information about our safety precautions, see our “Parent Information” page.

Let’s Go to Camp!

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Camper Info:

Grades 7–13

No prior experience required



At Camp Indianola, we believe that everyone should be able to come to camp. Camper scholarships are always available; for more info and to request an application, email our director.


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