Free family fourth

Fun For The Whole Family!

Want to have some great family fun? Tired of fighting traffic and crowds to watch a single fireworks show? Love Camp Indianola and wish you could be here more? The Free Family Fourth is perfect for you and your family. You’re invited to join us for this day event complete with picnic dinner on the beach, games and activities, and fireworks shows all across Puget Sound—enjoyed from the peace and beauty of the beach at Camp Indianola. Don’t miss out!

Let’s Go to Camp!

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Dates and Times:

July 4, 2022

Camper Info:

For all ages

Appropriate COVID precautions required, to be communicated in advance of the event

COVID vaccination and booster highly recommended

Overnight lodging, as available


Free with advance registration (by June 26th)


Packing lists, driving directions and FAQs visit: