Leader In Training

If you already know you want to be a summer staff after high school…

LIT is for you!

Designed for students entering 10th-12th grade, this intentional service discipleship program is a valuable step between camper and summer staff. Work alongside the summer staff in a variety of roles while participating in regular Bible study and discussion around servant leadership principles. The week of training—along with the hands-on experience—will help develop leadership skills in the areas of communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and discipleship.

Why LIT?

Experience camp as both a camper and a staff member!

Gain leadership skills and learn how to lead and facilitate camp activities.

Become eligible to return to camp for additional weeks as a volunteer staffer.

Completion of LIT and approval from director required to return as a volunteer staffer.

Receive discounts on High School week of camp based on number of weeks volunteered.

Throughout the week LITs will have the opportunity to learn leadership and service while they assist summer staff with:

  • Cabin Leader Assistant
  • Activities
  • Day Camp
  • Dish Pit
  • Housekeeping
  • Other areas of camp as needed


What to expect:

  • A week of training to prepare for your summer of serving at Camp Indianola
  • Experience personal, spiritual, and leadership growth
  • Be directly mentored by summer staff
  • Welcome to come back and volunteer for a week! Or multiple weeks!
  • Be fed and housed for the duration of each week of service
  • One hour of personal time each day and one day each week to go home, rest, and do laundry

Let’s Go to Camp!

Click here to learn about the different ways to register for camp:

Dates and Times:

June 28th – July 3rd, 2020

Camper Info:

Campers entering 10th – 12th grade



At Camp Indianola we believe that everyone should be able to come to camp. Camper scholarships are always available; for more info and to request an application, email our director.


Packing lists, driving directions and FAQs visit:

Are LITs summer staff or campers?

Both. LITs are technically campers as they are minors and have all the rights of a camper. However, since we often treat our LITs as part of the staff team and they are occasionally placed in a leadership role with other campers, they have all the responsibilities of a staff member.

What is the difference between LIT Training week and High School Camp?

The main difference between LIT and High School Camp is that LITs are required to apply like our summer staff and are then interviewed and possibly accepted into the program. It is not an open enrollment program like High School Camp. The other significant difference is that LIT training Week is not a stand-alone week of camp, but rather the first, intentional step in the multi-week commitment of the LIT program.

What if I want to be a camper at High School camp or go on a family vacation?

Each LIT is able to take a week off from being an LIT. It can be spent being a high school camper (you would need to register and pay separately for high school camp) or with your family for your family vacation.

What if I decide to be an LIT during High School week?

If you are an LIT, you’ll be asked to perform the same responsibilities during High School Camp as any other week, which may (but likely will not) include time with High School Camp. If this is going to be a challenge for you, we recommend planning on taking that week off and attending camp as a camper.

Can I stay at camp on my day off?

We’re glad you like camp so much, but no. Since the staff who usually supervise LITs are also off during this time, there will not be enough adult supervision and since LITs are technically campers, they cannot be here alone.

Where will LITs stay at camp?

It depends on the week and the LIT’s assignment. Be prepared to move around on a weekly basis like the cabin leaders do.

If I'm an LIT this year, am I guaranteed a spot on summer staff after high school?

No, but it will certainly help your chances. LITs learn the basics of being a great leader in any environment, so those skills will certainly translate should you choose to apply for summer staff when you graduate.

What if I have other questions before I apply?

You can email our Program Director, Elliott Lavery at [email protected].