One Student at a Time

The Perfect Outdoor Education Space

Camp Indianola provides an amazing setting for outdoor education programs. Our property encompasses 75 acres of the most beautiful scenery around and is perfectly set up for your teachers’ programming.

Lodging and top-notch meal service mean fewer logistics to coordinate. Our activity options such as kayaking, our Giant Swing, or our team-building challenge course supplement your curriculum, so that students can engage both their bodies and their minds!

Your school’s teaching and our accommodations makes for a perfect combination for your students.

For those teachers who would prefer some instruction provided, our partnership with local organizations such as Stillwaters Environmental Center create possibilities for learning from excellent teachers who know their subject areas well!

Our Facility

Our property contains a wide variety of ecosystems and features that help you in teaching your students, including:


The Beach

A quarter-mile of beach—with views of Seattle, Mount Rainier, and the Puget Sound and a shallow intertidal zone—provide plentiful ecological fodder for your learners!

The Woods

Our 1.2-mile hiking trail through 50 acres and 4 different types of pristine woodlands provides an excellent opportunity for teaching all about forests, ecosystems, and our varied wildlife.

The Flora and Fauna

Bald eagles, great blue heron, sea lions, otters, crabs, orca; madrone trees, nurse logs, trilliums, trailing blackberries, salmonberries; and much more have been seen here!


Culturally and ecologically significant, Doe-Kag-Wats (a saltwater marsh and estuary) is important to the Suquamish Tribe and can be a meaningful piece of your students’ learning. Though not much to look at on the surface, the importance of this site unfolds as you learn more about its ecology, history, and culture.


And best yet… it may already be funded!

In its 2022 session, the Washington State Legislature funded an initiative to provide funding for every 5th and 6th grader in the state to attend outdoor school. Camp Indianola qualifies as one of these outdoor education sites and is enthusiastic about advocating for getting our students outdoors! This funding would cover most or all of the cost of your stay. Learn more about this initiative, receive your funding, and contact a representative who can help answer all of your questions here.


Our helpful staff will help you to plan your school’s outdoor education experience to fit your students’ needs. We can accommodate varied food restrictions, mobility needs, customized scheduling, and facilitate supplemental activities for your group.

Camp Indianola is a trusted leader in outdoor education, providing schools with high-quality programming that promotes experiential learning and personal growth. Our team of experienced educators is dedicated to creating customized programs that meet the unique needs and goals of each school. From environmental education to team building and leadership development, our programs provide hands-on learning experiences that challenge students to develop new skills, build confidence, and connect with nature. Our stunning natural environment offers a range of opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for students of all ages. By partnering with Camp Indianola for your outdoor education needs, you can be confident that your students will receive a safe, supportive, and transformative educational experience.

Join dozens of schools in trusting Camp Indianola with your outdoor education experience

Sample Packages

We’ve put together some sample costs based on our most common group configurations. Remember that every event is custom-built for your group’s needs. To get your own customized quote from our Guest Services Staff, please inquire below.


Sleep a maximum of 88 people, split over 16 rooms in 4 buildings

Day-use groups of up to 120

Optional activities led in groups of 10

Additional Activity Options

  • Kayaking
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Swimming (lifeguard) 
  • Challenge course team-building
  • Archery
  • Archery tag (i.e. “archery paintball”)
  • Guided nature hike

How It Works Logistically


What We Provide

  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • A host to answer questions during your stay
  • The physical environment to use as your outdoor classroom
  • Indoor spaces to use for group learning
  • Information and resources about the features of the site to assist in planning curriculum
  • Optional supplemental activities
  • Optional site-specific instruction from our organizational partners, based on availability 

What You Provide

  • Chaperones
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Curriculum or teaching (unless provided by our partners)


Something happens when you get away

Camp Indianola gives you the space you need to gain perspective, find new vision, and recharge for the road ahead.