Family Camp

Camp alongside those you love!

Family camps are a way to experience summer camp while staying safe. Just like at regular camp, you can enjoy the beach, trails, giant swing, kayaks, crafts, campfires—all of the good stuff you love! We will provide several activities per day, while making sure that you also have plenty of free time for your family to go for a hike, a beach walk, or play games on the field.

Of course, we will structuring the camp to be as safe as possible from COVID-19. Only one family will be staying in each cabin. Your family will be your small group. We will provide meals to each family, who can choose to eat in their cabins or take it out for a picnic. Activities will be done as a family unit, so that each can stay safely spread out. For the few activities that need multiple families, a maximum of two families will participate at a time, staying safely physically distanced.

We will be running these family camps for much of the summer. Your family can choose either a half-week session, or two back-to-back sessions to add up to a whole week.

Families are considered those in your household. However, if other members of your extended family have been fully vaccinated,* they can join as a part of your family. This is a great opportunity for grandparents to get to spend much more time with their grandkids after so long apart.

*fully vaccinated = (2 shots [1 if Johnson & Johnson] + 2 weeks)


Adult $250
First child $150
Additional child $120
0–5 years old $60

Example family prices:

1 adult, 1 child $400
2 adults, 2 children $770
2 adults, 3 children, 2 grandparents $1,460

Let’s Go to Camp!

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Dates and Times:

July 18–22, 2022

Camper Info:

All ages

At least one adult must attend per group

Your “family” is not limited to your household.

All campers who are eligible must have full COVID vaccination or medical exemption (more information here)


Per person
(see chart for cost breakdown)

At Camp Indianola, we believe that everyone should be able to come to camp. Camper scholarships are available to assist with the expense; for more info and to request an application, email our director.


Packing lists, driving directions, safety information, and FAQs visit: